Ernie Lister Pub

Brixham pub music

Our Ernie Lister Pub in Brixham, next to the Quayside Hotel, is the heartbeat of Brixham with its live entertainment, excellent food and relaxed, warm atmosphere. Free Wi Fi is available in the EL Bar.

Ernie Lister Bar Menu Sample

Our bar décor is classic and traditional and our Brixham pub is named after the legendary Ernie Lister, a fisherman of famous World War exploits. You can read his story in a folder at the bar.

Our Ernie Lister Pub in Brixham is open to the public and is a favourite among locals. Delicious Brixham pub meals include fresh fish and chips or bowls of local mussels with chunky home-made bread.

In addition, The Ernie Lister Bar hosts special live musicians and performers.

The Ernie Lister Events: 9pm ‘til close:

  • Sundays: Southern Comfort, live band
  • Some Thursdays: Live Music
  • Selective Summer Weekends: Live Music