15 Dog-Friendly Beaches in South Devon for Tail-Wagging Adventures

Dog-Friendly beaches in Devon

Best South Devon Beaches for Dogs

Planning a beach trip to South Devon with your dog?

South Devon boasts a stunning coastline, and luckily for our furry friends, many beaches welcome canine companions. 

This guide features 15 beaches, from vast stretches of sand perfect for zoomies to secluded coves ideal for a relaxing paddle.

So, let’s take a look at the pawsome selection of beautiful beaches to visit.

Dog Friendly Beaches in South Devon

Some of these beaches are dog-friendly all year round while others don’t allow dogs during the summer months.

Note: Before heading out, always check local regulations and signage to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your four-legged friend. 

1. Fishcombe Cove: (Nr. Brixham)

Just north of Brixham, Fishcombe Cove offers a sheltered haven with red sandstone cliffs. Dogs are allowed year-round on this shingle beach. 

There is a little cafe offering drinks, cakes and hot food with seating, and Brixham town is a short walk away. Parking is limited on the approach road (fees apply).

Walking with your dog on the beach, Torbay, South Devon

2. Broadsands Beach: (Near Paignton)

Situated between Brixham and Paignton, Broadsands Beach is a long, sandy haven. While technically not in Brixham, it’s a popular option for dog walkers. 

During winter months, the entire beach welcomes dogs. In summer, restrictions apply to the central zone (between the cliffs and signs at Middlestone), where dogs must be on lead. 

Parking is available along the road (fees apply).

3. Beesands Beach: (Nr. Kingsbridge)

This mile-long shingle beach offers stunning views and excellent rock pooling opportunities. Dogs are welcome year-round. 

Onsite cafes cater to both humans and thirsty pups, and parking is available nearby (fees apply).

4. East Portlemouth Beach & Mill Bay Beach: (Nr. Salcombe)

Nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, these sheltered sandy beaches are ideal for families with dogs. 

Both beaches allow dogs year-round, with Mill Bay having a small National Trust car park and toilets.

5. Ness Cove Beach: (Shaldon)

A true gem, Ness Cove offers a beautiful cove with rock pools and crystal-clear waters. 

Dogs are allowed year-round, and basic amenities like toilets are available. Parking is limited, so arrive early during peak season.

6. North Sands Beach: (Salcombe)

This inviting sandy beach is close to Salcombe town and offers stunning views. 

Dogs are allowed year-round, with limited parking nearby (fees apply). There is even a dog-friendly beach café behind the beach. 

Be mindful of potential crowds during peak season.

7. Slapton Sands & Torcross Beach (Nr. Kingsbridge) 

This vast 3-mile stretch of pebbles and sand is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and dog walkers. 

Dogs are welcome year-round, with cafes and parking (fees apply) available at Slapton Sands.

8. Teignmouth Town Beach & Teignmouth River Beach: (Teignmouth)

Teignmouth offers two dog-friendly options: the sandy Town Beach and the quieter River Beach. 

Town Beach: Dogs are not permitted from 1st April to 30th September between the slipway at Eastcliff and the Lighthouse at the Point. Dogs must be kept on a lead in and around the Den and Promenade.

River Beach: Dogs are permitted all year round.

Cafes and toilets are available near the Town Beach. Parking can be busy, so consider alternatives during peak times.

9. Thurlestone Beach & South Milton Sands: (Nr. Kingsbridge)

This scenic area boasts two beautiful beaches. Thurlestone, with its dramatic rock arch, allows dogs year-round. 

South Milton Sands, with its golden sand dunes, welcomes dogs from October to April. Parking is available near both beaches (fees apply).

10. Strete Gate Beach: (Nr. Dartmouth)

This secluded shingle beach offers a peaceful escape. 

Dogs are welcome year-round, but there are limited amenities. Parking is available on the approach road (fees apply).

11. Dawlish Town Beach & Dawlish Warren Beach: (Dawlish)

Dawlish offers a sandy Town Beach and the vast Dawlish Warren, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

Dawlish Town Beach: Lead required. Dogs are allowed year-round except for the section between the slipway and Coryton Cove (from April 1st to September 30th).

Dawlish Warren Beach: Dogs are welcome year-round, but with restrictions. No dogs are allowed past groyne 9, and between groynes 1-3, dogs are not allowed from April 1st to September 30th. Between groynes 3-9, dogs are allowed all year.

Parking options are available near both beaches (fees apply).


12. Hallsands Beach: (Nr. Start Point)

This picturesque fishing village boasts a charming pebble beach. Dogs are welcome year-round, with a small car park nearby (fees apply). Be aware that access involves a steep walk down a hill.

13. Bantham Beach: (Nr. Kingsbridge)

This popular surfing beach offers golden sand and rolling waves. 

Dogs are welcome year-round north of Hams End (a point near Burgh Island Hotel). However, dogs are not allowed on the main beach from May 1st to September 30th.

A cafe and parking (fees apply) are available. Be prepared for potential crowds, especially during summer.

14. Ayrmer Cove: (Nr. Torquay)

This secluded cove offers a sheltered haven for a relaxing beach day. Dogs are allowed year-round, but there are limited amenities. Parking is available on the approach road (fees apply).

15. Wonwell Beach: (Nr. Start Point)

This hidden gem boasts dramatic cliffs and a shingle beach. 

Dogs are allowed year-round, but there are no amenities. Parking is limited on the approach road.


With so many dog-friendly options, you can choose between vast stretches of sand for long runs, charming coves for a relaxing paddle, or dramatic cliffs for scenic walks.

Remember to follow responsible dog ownership practices – clean up after your pet, respect any seasonal restrictions, and keep them on a lead unless in designated off-lead areas. 

So, pack your beach essentials, grab your leash, and get ready to explore the stunning coastline of South Devon.  

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What beaches can dogs go on in South Devon?

Year-round dog access: 

  • Beesands Beach (Nr. Kingsbridge) 
  • East Portlemouth Beach & Mill Bay Beach (Nr. Salcombe) 
  • Ness Cove Beach (Shaldon) 
  • North Sands Beach (Salcombe) 
  • Slapton Sands & Torcross Beach (Nr. Kingsbridge) 
  • Strete Gate Beach (Nr. Dartmouth) 
  • Thurlestone Beach (Nr. Kingsbridge) (be aware of seasonal restrictions at South Milton Sands) 
  • Fishcombe Cove (Nr. Brixham) 
  • Elberry Cove (Nr. Brixham) (limited amenities) 
  • Wonwell Beach (Nr. Start Point) (no amenities)

Seasonal dog access: 

  • Dawlish Town Beach (October-April) 
  • Broadsands Beach (entire beach dog-friendly in winter, restrictions in central zone during summer)

Can dogs go to Salcombe Beach?

Yes, Salcombe’s North Sands Beach welcomes dogs year-round. However, at South Sands Beach, dogs are banned on 1st May to 30th September.

Can dogs go on Slapton Sands?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Slapton Sands throughout the year. This dog-friendly beach stretches between Strete in the north and Torcross in the south, dividing the sea from Slapton Ley, a freshwater lake and Nature Reserve.

Can dogs go on Hope Cove beach?

Hope Cove offers two beaches:

  • Harbour Beach/Hope Cove Beach: Year-round dog access but on leads.
  • Mouthwell Sands: Seasonal restrictions apply (typically May-September). Dogs aren’t allowed during the day, but mornings and evenings might be okay. Check local signage for details.

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