4 Best Aquariums in Devon

Best aquarium in Devon

Top Devon Aquariums to Visit

Looking for the best aquariums in Devon

If you’re searching for things to do in or around Devon, a visit to the aquarium is a great way to spend an hour or so getting to know the marine life which can found along the local coastline. 

From the impressive National Marine Aquarium to the charming Ilfracombe Aquarium, the small haven of Fowey Aquarium, and the interactive Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium, we’ve listed the top 4 aquariums in Devon.

So, let’s jump into the list.

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4 Acquariums in Devon

1. National Marine Aquarium 

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is the biggest aquarium in the UK. 

It’s in Britain’s Ocean City and is part of a charity called the Ocean Conservation Trust with a mission to help people connect with the ocean. 

The large aquarium is like a home to more than 4,000 marine animals including sharks, seahorses, rays, and coral reefs.

When you visit, there’s lots to enjoy – food, a place to grab a drink, a shop, a garden, and a soft play area. So, whether you’re into exploring sea life or just want a fun day out, the National Marine Aquarium has something for everyone.

2. Ilfracombe Aquarium

Ilfracombe Aquarium is a beloved and ever-evolving all-weather attraction, offering a fantastic blend of family fun and education. 

Housed in the Old Lifeboat House on the pier, this quaint aquarium showcases local freshwater and marine species in meticulously recreated natural habitats, complete with feeding demonstrations and knowledgeable fishkeepers on hand to answer any questions. 

The aquarium, established in 2001, continues to serve as a valuable resource for schools, colleges, and extracurricular groups, providing an eye-opening and memorable educational experience. 

Kids can enjoy free quiz trails, feeding demonstrations, interactives, and animal encounters, with experienced guides in attendance. 

The pier café serves delicious, sensibly priced products in a relaxing harborside setting, while the funky fish gift shop offers a range of aquatic-themed gifts and cards. 

Aquarium in Devon

3. Fowey Aquarium

Fowey Aquarium, located in the historic Fowey Town Quay and established in 1952, is a hidden gem that offers a captivating glimpse into the marine life thriving along the Cornish coast. 

Retaining many of its original tanks, the aquarium houses a remarkable array of marine creatures, with fresh seawater pumped in daily at high tide. This practice introduces an assortment of fascinating creatures such as sea squirts and tube worms, albeit at the expense of water clarity at times. 

Visitors, especially children, will enjoy the touch pool, where they can handle starfish and crabs under expert supervision. From tiny gobies to deep-wreck-dwelling Conger eels, the aquarium showcases a diverse range of fish, crabs, and lobsters, all sourced locally from fishermen and anglers. 

The aquarium’s commitment to using local sources for fish food further enhances the authenticity of the marine environment on display. 

4. Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium

Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium is a beloved, family-operated destination that offers an engaging and interactive glimpse into the marine life thriving in our local waters. 

Nestled at the end of the Cobb, Lyme’s iconic harbour wall, they aim to ignite your imagination, foster curiosity, and instil an appreciation for the incredible marine life found along the Jurassic Coast. 

Rain or shine, the aquarium provides a fantastic experience. Despite the compact size, visitors will encounter a diverse display of fish and sea creatures, including bass, ballan wrasse, blennies, lobster, mullet, starfish, sea scorpions, crabs, and dogfish.

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